Introducing #StoryU with Jill Coleman:
In-depth Education to Master IG Stories for Better Engagement, Creating Die-Hard Fans + Generating Sales in Your DMs THIS WEEK

More people are watching IG stories than are seeing your main feed posts right now. You must master IG stories in 2022. Are you using your digital real estate the most effectively?

Most people are either scared of IG Stories (hello, do I have to have my face on camera?!) OR they don't know what to post and are leaving a lot of opportunity on the table.

In this 5-day virtual workshop, delivered via video trainings and templates + checklists, you'll learn my EXACT system for keeping my IG stories views high even as the algorithm is changing. I'll be sharing how I built top-notch trust with my audience and actually sell in the DMs as a result. I'll be giving you clear homework assignments and done-for-you IG story ideas so you can plug and play. I'll be offering tips and tools to help you feel more comfy on camera and sharing exact posts that are guaranteed to do well.

Created for those who want to level up their IG Stories game in 2022 and want go-to ideas for Stories so they never have to think about what to say or what to post - AND want to get new clients this week

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Here's How It Works:

The course begins immediately upon enrollment:

  • Training #1 - The 3S's of Content Creations
  • Training #2 - How to Sell on Instagram
  • Learn about the four types of content and create a system for your content creation
  • You'll walk away with a rinse-and-repeat framework for exactly what to post in stories to attract and close your ideal clients, including templates and worksheets

Who exactly is #StoryU for?

This 5-day course is for online coaches and business owners who know they need to use Instagram stories more effectively to generate trust and actual coaching business.

You do not need to currently have a business to attend, but you have to have an expertise and an offer that people can hire you for, even if it's just 1:1 coaching at a distance.

In the course, you'll learn:

  • The 5 key TYPES of content to be sharing regularly in your stories
  • A suggested weekly content schedule--what to post when, and exact steps for how to ask for engagement and close sales in the DM
  • The best practices for video, lighting, captions, engagement and how to get more views and get people to watch all the way through
  • How to handle DMs when people respond to your stories asking for more information--I'll be outlining 3 different scenarios based on interest level
  • And so much more!

What you can expect by the end of the course:

If you complete all the coursework, I guarantee you'll pick up at least 1 new client (if not more!) within 2 weeks of the training. Most likely, more!

The workshop comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you do the work consistently, implement all the strategies and do not generate interest within 14 days, I'll be happy to refund your investment, so long as you can show your work.

Happy to answer any additional questions! Email me.

5 Days of Virtual Business Coaching Specifically on Utilizing Instagram Stories to Generate Sales

ENROLL NOW ($77) >>

Happy to answer any questions! Email me!