Introducing #ReadyFireAim 

A FREE 14-day Mindset + Business-Building School for Health/Fitness Pros, hosted by Jill Coleman

Week 1: MINDSET - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Barriers to Taking Action Week 2: ACTION - Getting Key Things Done to Start + Grow your Online Coaching Business

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"Jill, how do I even get started?"

Most personal trainers or health coaches I talk to say they want take on distance coaching clients or use social media to build an audience.

Or they want to create a course or product people can buy anytime without having to be there in person to coach them.

Or most importantly, they want to free up their time and not be tied to the gym or die at a desk in their corporate job. They want to create something bigger and more meaningful and to help others.

Enter online coaching.

You have an expertise and a story to share. And you want to reach more people. But you just don't know where to start and what to focus on.

I gotchu.

This is exactly why I created #ReadyFireAim. To give you permission to stop worrying about stuff that doesn't matter right now, and get LASER FOCUSED on the big dial-movers that need to be in place.

I'm going to help you get started and hold your hand every step of the way, to get you some fast wins and direction on how to keep going.

Here's How It Works

The GOAL is to get out of your own way and GET SHIT DONE:

  • Each week I'll be hosting 2 live trainings (4 trainings total over 2 weeks), teaching the nuts and bolts of online coaching
  • This is where I'll be outlining the MOST important things to be focusing on, and sharing the things that you don't need to be doing right now
  • I'll be giving you a total of 6 short, direct homework assignments to start getting you the wins and momentum you need to keep going
  • You'll stay accountable via our private community group, where I'll be giving you feedback on your homework and pointing you in the right direction if you have questions or need clarification
  • This is essentially free business coaching with me directly for 2 weeks--it's the lowest stakes version available to get you started!

Work directly with me for 2 weeks, get your feet wet and get direction for where to go next!

Hi, I'm Jill Coleman!

I'm the founder of JillFit, and I'll be your coach for #ReadyFireAim!

Over the last 8 years, I've coached nearly 700 female health/fitness professionals on how to build their online brand and distance coaching business.

After growing JillFit to a 6-figure fitness brand within 18 months as a one-woman show, I started teaching what was working for me.

Since that time (2012), the industry has changed a lot! And many strategies are outdated. There are new platforms (hello, Tik Tok!), ways of sharing (podcats, IG Lives, Facebook groups, oh my!), not to mention the space is more saturated with coaches now!

So in #ReadyFireAim ONLY the things that are working now for my own clients, and helping you weed through the bells and whistles to just get down to the nuts and bolts!

I can't wait to see you transform your mindset and actually get things done you can feel proud of. Let's do this!