FREE Live Nutrition Training

Intro to #Moderation365: Tools, Practices + Exactly How to Quit All-or-Nothing Eating for Good

 MONDAY MARCH 26th: 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT

This training is for you if...

 ... you find yourself completely distracted with thoughts of food and maintain a running mental list of things like:

  • Will there be enough food there?
  • What if I end up hungry later and just binge?
  • How many grams of protein/carbs/fat have I eaten today?
  • How many do I have left?
  • How long has it been since I last ate?
  • How many more hours do I have to wait to eat?
  • How many more ounces of water do I have to drink today?
  • How many minutes of cardio do I need to to burn this off?
  • Try not to eat the chocolate. Try not to eat the chocolate. Try not to...
  • You put foods on off-limits lists
  • You are scared to have certain foods in your home
  • You've turned down social events because you don't trust yourself to be around certain foods
  • You eat in secret or have shame around eating certain foods in public
  • You feel judged based on food choices, or you judge others
  • You find yourself constantly researching new diets
  • When someone tells you to "eat when you're hungry" you want to tell them to GET REAL, and that you're CONSTANTLY hungry
  • You have cravings for sweets, salt or fat often and try to white-knuckle it constantly to avoid giving in
  • You envy people who it seems so easy for, and wish you could just "be there" already

Sound like you? We're gonna address all this and more! Ready?


  • Why we overindulge in the first place and how to start unlearning the traditional dieting model
  • About the Deprive-then-Binge Cycle and exactly how to jump out of it
  • The 3 mistakes to avoid when trying to "eat healthy forever"
  • The 3 simple tools you can implement THIS WEEK to start doing things differently
  • How to trust yourself more around food without gaining the 50 lbs overnight you're scared you will if you loosen the reigns 
  • Yes, the training will be RECORDED and sent out after, but you still need to register to get it!

Hi, I'm Jill!

I'm a recovering chronic yo-yo dieter and former fitness competitor who spent 10 years obsessed with food--counting, measuring, doing hours a day of cardio because I didn't know how to be normal around food and eat healthy forever.

Constantly jumping from plan to plan, I finally got to a point of misery, threw up my hands and committed to figuring out how to be normal around food and quit the obsession.

I've been eating moderately--the same on Saturday that I do on Monday--for the last 7 years, and have been able to stay healthy and maintain my weight, despite feeling scared of giving up "control." I hardly ever think about food anymore--and I never feel deprived, and I haven't felt stuffed into my clothes in years, ha!

Now I'm teaching the exact steps I've used to help tens of thousands of people do the same, through the #Moderation365 movement. Looking forward to having you on the training--it's a game-changer! 

Xo, Jill Coleman, @JillFit Founder of #Moderation365