Think you can complete 8 hardcore (but short!) workouts in 10 days?

Join the FREE 10-Day #MetconMonster Workout Consistency Challenge, starting January 10, 2018! 
I'm Giving You the Exact Short & Tough Workouts to Do

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Here's how the #MetconMonster Challenge works:

Hi, I'm Jill Coleman! 

Hey there, I am so looking forward to having you in the brand spankin' new FREE challenge, #MetconMonster. I am pumped to generate a ton of results, camaraderie, support, guidance and plenty of good, old-fashioned sweat!

My personal exercise philosophy is short-duration, high-intensity, so all workouts are 30 minutes or less, and will have you breathless and burning, baby! Metabolic Conditioning workouts help you maintain muscle while upping the shred factor.

After 17 years in the industry, I see that so many women are struggling with consistency and accountability. The #MetconMonster Challenge was born out of the desire to gain momentum and do it with an amazing team of women supporting you and cheering you on!