Introducing The Strategy + Scale Mastermind for Digital CEOs Making $100k+ Online

Part Cutting-Edge Strategy, Part Scaling Solutions, you'll work directly with Jill and a handful of high-achieving female entrepreneurs (capping this program at 8-12 women max) to increase your revenue 50-100% in 2022.

It's NOT about working harder, it's about employing new/different strategy to take your business to multi-6-figures or 7-figures.

Becausee ... what got you here won't get you there.

Get access to the tools, strategies and systems to exponentiate your business outcomes in 2022. It's all possible.

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Introducing the Strategy + Scale (S+S) Mastermind for 6-Figure Digital CEOs

Here’s the thing … you’re here because you have already had a good amount of success, you’ve built some amazing programs and products, you have an audience that invests …


You’re hitting a ceiling and know you need to access next-level strategy to get your business to multi-6-figures or even 7-figures consistently.

You have traction, assets and trust with your audience … but you need to organize your business BETTER to catapult your revenue and impact.

Your business is not *exactly* where you want it to be.   

Either you’ve hit a time ceiling that you haven’t been able to get passed …

OR your business has been consistently growing over the past few years, but you can’t see the exact path that will get you to that next revenue level.

You’ve implemented a ton in your business already. You have great ideas and you take action ...

And you’ve achieved some wins and built momentum …

But you’ve reached a point where you’ve maxed out on your current business model.

Maybe you think if you just keep going what you’re doing and do it to more people, you’ll get more results.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t work that way.

At some point, what got you here won’t get you there.

I don’t want you to work more hours, I want you to work differently.

And look, real talk, you will have to work differently if you want to greater level of success. 

You need a new strategy.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a customized strategy for getting to 6+ figures or 7-figures that you were excited to go ALL IN on?

Imagine what you’d be able to create once you were able to execute this strategy:

  • You’d see your business growing month after and year have year…
  • You’d finally have that stable, predictable revenue you want every month ... you’d no longer be riding that cash flow roller coaster.
  • With this new-found momentum and clarity, you’d be showing up as your BEST self every day and impacting your audience much more than you ever have before.
  • You would be clear on your numbers, your lead generation, your time and energy management (hello, I know you want to spend time doing things outside of business!) and have launch predictability.

If you haven't been running your business on math, conversions, EPL and more ... now's the time.

It's Big-Girl-Business (#BGB) Time, bb.

The GOOD NEWS is, this is the exact clarity and reality you’ll be able to create for yourself in the next 11 months as a member of my Strategy + Scale Mastermind, which I believe is the best high-level fitness, nutrition and wellness coaching on the planet.

The S+S Mastermind is a 11-month coaching program designed to help high-achieving entrepreneurs scale to multi-6 and 7-figures as fast as humanly possible. 

Introducing the S+S Mastermind's 4M Method:

MINDSET for Success:

You’ve worked with me, and you know my mantra: “I can see this as a pain, OR I can see this as a puzzle.”

The reason my business clients take so much fucking action is because we lower the barrier to entry using mindset resets. We see things clinically, objectively. We know that business is just a puzzle to be solved, and approaching it this way is a productivity system.

We take more action when we don’t take the results personally.

As your coach and guide, I will be challenging you to see things clearly, truthfully and objectively in your business, so that we can scale up fast and effectively without getting emo about every little thing ;)

Compelling + Clear MESSAGING:

Fact: the fastest way to scale your business is to nail your messaging and understand the value you have to offer.

Another fact: most struggling businesses don’t take the time to do this and do not realize how important it is.

That’s why it’s critical you get your messaging nailed down and continue to optimize it regularly.

Once you have it in place, the next step is to install a product launch strategy so the right people get exposed to your messaging in a way that is natural for them to want to learn more about your offer and working with you.

If you become an S+S Mastermind member, I will be relentless in helping you nail your messaging so that you never have to ask, who am I talking to, what do they want from me, who am I in the space, what am I actually selling, WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE??

You’ll get all the feedback you need to stand out and position you for explosive growth.


Not gonna lie, marketing is my favorite thing, and I am a strategist through and through.

Starting with your year-long planned out strategy, you and I will break down every launch, every lead gen, every flash sale, every message to make sure you’re exponentiating your impact and income with every single thing you do in your business. No more leaving money on the table.

(This is also why I’m limiting the Mastermind to no more than a dozen businesses this year)

I’ll be helping you with all the moving parts. You’ll know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how. Cutting edge launch strategy, and I’ll be sharing the exact steps (and new strategy!) that took JillFit to 7-figures this year.

As you know, I personally invest in my own business mentorship every year, and in 2021 I invested $25k into coaching and in 2022, I’m investing $33k. Just in coaching.

You’ll get access to everything I learn and the strategies I’m implementing in real time.

Your MONEY Approach:

One of the biggest differences between a 6-figure business and a 7-figure business is number and efficacy of revenue streams.

I’ll be honest, getting to 6-figure doing high-ticket 1:1 coaching is actually not that hard. BUT, you and I both know that doing 1:1 high-touch coaching forever and ever is not only unsustainable and draining, but at some point, you WILL reach a revenue ceiling. Perhaps you’re already there?

So the reason why this Mastermind is calls Strategy and SCALE is because we need to start employing new launch mechanisms, more leveraged programs, a greater volume of people enrolling in your offering and …

Automation, funnels, paid traffic and THINGS YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO DELIVER.

You may have heard of “passive income” but honestly, the way most people think about it makes it seem like it’s a “set it and forget it” deal. It’s not. BUT, it is possible IF you do what’s necessary strategy-wise to set it up.

You already have a ton of different offers, assets and you probably have products sitting there not making money right now—DIYs, self-paced courses, even freebies that could be re-packaged as low-ticket products, down-sells, up-sells and bumps.

In the S+S Mastermind, we’re going to create a brand new profitable funnel for you in the very first quarter.

BUT, it’s going to require your willingness to do things differently in 2022.

Are you willing??

What's Included in S+S:

1) ONE Monthly Live 3-Hour Workshop ($33,000 value)

I’m doing something brand, new and making sure you have every single strategy, tool and LATEST tactic for leveling everything up in 2022. So I will be hosting a live 3-hour workshop once a month, which will be part teaching (topics below) and part implementation on your part. I’ll be running you through exercises and discussions so you can effectively implement these new strategies.

I will ALSO be bringing in GUEST COACHES for these trainings, who have a compatible expertise to mine but who can fill in some of my gaps. These coaches will be teaching and then facilitating exercises for you as well. Essentially not only will you be better access to my rolodex here, but you’ll now have a personal connection with these other coaches, too, that can turn into networking opportunities and more.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in our monthly live workshops:

  • Year launch planning + projections – this will actually be done in 1:1 capacity (see below for our 1:1 coaching schedule)
  • Building out product suite, customer journey, ascension model for all lead magnets, social and products
  • BRAND NEW launch strategy, including what happens before cart opens, what happens during and all the many moving parts that help your people get off the fence and enroll—I’ll be sharing the new strategies JillFit has been perfecting in 2021
  • Organizing + tracking your financials so you can maximize your revenue (less expenses, maximizing your revenue)
  • Paid traffic strategy, both ongoing for lead generation AND profitable funnels as well as launch advertising—this will be a huge component for you next year if it’s not already
  • Team building + hiring – also will be a big part of your 2022 if you are not doing this already. We’ll be talking Org chart, roles within the company and how to take more things off YOUR plate (I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds! And you can do this without paying thousands of dollars each month to employees, I promise, we’ll start slow)
  • Advanced team building, management + performance – this will including ongoing management, proficiency for you as a the Visionary in your company and perfecting what it means to be a leader for your team, even if you just have one person helping you
  • Money mindset so that you can stop feeling in scarcity and find a flow that creates more abundance for you, your team and your family. At JillFit, we’ve gone from 5-figure launches to multi-6-figure launches and so much of it as to do with money mindset
  • Marketing + copywriting essentials that always need honing, including what’s working on social media, via email newsletters, perfecting your landing pages and sales pages and more. These are non-negotiable business skills that you need to get really good at if you’re not already
  • Alignment, mindset + lifestyle because I don’t want you working a job your hate, and I don’t want you to lose the autonomy, freedom and joy you’ve worked so hard for. At JillFit, we’ve increased our revenue over 61% since 2020 and I didn’t have to work any harder, just smarter
  • Technology, funnel-building, software and more to automate your revenue, build out profitable SLO funnels and have traffic running to your DIY offers
  • 2023 goal setting + projections to wrap up the year and project into 2023 and beyond

These will be happening on Thursday OR Fridays of every month (11 total trainings) and you’ll have the dates up front. Of course they’ll be recorded and posted in the Mastermind portal after the fact.

2) One-on-one Strategy Calls Directly with Me ($7,000 value)

This is called the STRATEGY + Scale Mastermind because I’m nosy and I want to know what you’re doing in your business at all times! However, as you are at 6-figure level already, I don’t expect you to have to run every single tiny decision by me like my beginners might BUT I do want to help you monthly with your big, high-level strategy.

That being said, we’ll be meeting on the phone every month as follows:

  • Deep-dive 75-minute call in January ($1250 value)
  • Monthly 30-minute strategy calls February thru November ($5,000 value)

Y’all are the only people who are getting 1:1 monthly coaching with me in 2022. My time (like yours!) is more valuable than ever, but I want to make sure that you have every single question, strategy, tool and resource necessary to make 2022 your biggest year yet by 50-100% increase in revenue, impact and JOY.

In our January deep dive call, we’ll be outlining your entire year, at a high level. We’ll be reviewing your product suite, finalizing your ascension model, putting some numbers in place and even talking MINDSET because you will need to become someone different to go where you want to go in 2022.

Our monthly 1:1 calls thereafter will be check-ins so that we are on the same page with your strategy, goals and reverse engineering each one of your launches.

3) THREE In-Person S+S Intensive Retreats ($4,500 value)

While our monthly mastermind calls are amazing and by themselves, far exceed your investment in this program, there’s nothing quite like what we can accomplish when we’re together in person. If you’ve ever been to live events, you know how magical they are!

That’s why when you’re in the program, you’ll be invited to the exclusive 2-day S+S Mastermind Intensives that I conduct 3 times a year.

These events are awesome and are a mix of high-level training, implementing, masterminding, networking, and they’re also a ton of fun.

Each event has specific theme, which is typically made up of one or two topics that are most pressing for the group that we go DEEP on and we actually spend time putting pen to paper and getting things done.

We also leave plenty of time for you to get support on your most pressing questions as well as masterminding time for you tap into the power of the group and get breakthrough ideas that are impossible to get outside of this kind of environment.  

Think of these intensives as your opportunity to do your own “mini think week.” You’ll come back to your office more invigorated than you can imagine, ready to kick ass and implement all the million-dollar ideas you just learned.

At these events, you’ll get support from myself, special guest speakers and of course, the other A-players in the group.

Finally, we’ll have some out-of-the-box events including social time, activities, meetups and more! Think of these events as time you get to connect and bond with your business besties!

All activities will be a surprise! ;)

These retreats typically retail for $1500 each and I’m so pumped to be able to bring you THREE of these incredibly impactful live events in 2022!

Dates/locations for the retreats:

  • February 17-18th in Los Angeles
  • June 2-3rd in TBD location
  • November 10-11th in TBD location


4) Unlimited Messenger Support ($4,500 value)

I’m a huge fan of IG Messenger and if you and I have worked together in the past, chances are you’ve received an audio message (or 20!) from me in the past!

This is where I connect with you between our calls and live workshops.

I love messages! Honestly. Getting to coach you in real time through your launches and when you have quickie strategy questions (or need the occasional pep talk ;)) is so fun for me. I always answer within 24 hours and this is a great way for us to stay in touch as things are unfolding in your business in real time.

5) A Private Community for Editorial + Connection/Brain Share ($3,500 value)

In addition to everything mentioned above, you also get access to a very special private Facebook group.  

This is a great place for y’all to connect with one another between group calls, access the collective brainshare of the group, ask about people’s best practices, etc.

And this is also where I will be:

  • Sharing any JillFit files, strategies or pages I think you may benefit from
  • Looking over any lead pages, sales pages or marketing copy you’d like my 2 cents on—I’m a visual learning so being able to see your words on the page is helpful for me to improve them if possible—of course, the group can provide feedback as well
  • Making any announcements relating to our live calls, live events, affiliate marketing (if you’re interested in that) and more
  • Facilitating connecting between YOU all! With a small, intimate group, I am so freakin’ pumped to be pushing each other to continue to grow and challenge ourselves within this group!
  • You'll also have access to my operations team in the group to ask them anything related to logistics, admin, customer success and launch strategy, too.

This is the only group that gets actual editorial feedback from me, where I will sometimes literally re-write your entire marketing messaging, landing pages and sales pages to make sure they’re the highest-converting possible.


6) Enrollment into Andy Franco's Must-Do Marketing Monthly Membership ($1650 value)

I’m going to be honest, you’re going to need to employ paid traffic next year if you aren’t already. Not because your content isn’t great and organic reach isn’t awesome, but because if you do the kind of numbers we’re talking about, you’re going to need more eyes. It’s simple math.

And whether you want to do it yourself or have a team member tackle ads for you, you will need the resources, training and ongoing troubleshooting that my own personal ads guru, Andy Franco can provide.

Eleven months of tuition into Andy’s ongoing ads program is part of your membership with me. This is a done-with-you program, where you’ll have access to all his ads trainings that get updated as things change, BUT more importantly, you’ll have access to Andy at 3 live calls per week! Obviously, you can attend as many or as few as you’d like, but these live calls will serve as a way for you to constantly be assessing and adjusting your ads to make them profitable.

And if spending money on paid traffic scares you, that’s okay! You’ll learn. And remember, you don’t automatically start spending thousands each month. You can start slow and work your way up as needed. You decide.

But the key is this … if you feel like you “can’t afford” to put money towards advertising, it’s because you haven’t yet put money towards advertising ;)

And one of the reasons why this Mastermind is for those making $100k online minimum is because the conversations we’re going to be having are different than ones for those making less. And ads is one of those topics.

Andy’s monthly retainer for clients is $5,000/mth so the fact that you’re getting his guidance multiple times a week alone is worth a hundred times that.

This will be a major game-changer for you.

7) Access to My Rolodex of Guest Speakers, Guest Coaches, and More (Invaluable)

Over the last 5 years of Masterminding at JillFit, I've brought in dozens of guest speakers and coaches to share their secrets to success, to pull back the curtain on their company's playbook and show you the inner workings of other multi-6-figure and 7-figure businesses.

And you can expect the same thing year--from guest coaches collaborating with me in our monthly workshops, to hosting guest lectures at our live events. You'll get access to incredible and talented business owners in all kinds of industries and be able to learn from them.

Previous Guest Speakers include:

  • Lori Harder and Chris Harder
  • The Movement Maestro, Dr. Shanté Cofield
  • Danny-J Johnson
  • Kate Taylor or Kate Taylor Stylist
  • Kelsey Heenan of @TheDailyKelsey
  • Sohee Lee
  • Mind Pump Adam, Adam Shaefer
  • Dr. John Berardi, co-founder of Precision Nutrition
  • Christine Hassler
  • Elizabeth DiAlto
  • Nicole Wilkins, 4x Ms. Olympia
  • Dr. Gabielle Lyon
  • Amber Brueseke of Biceps After Babies
  • Sean Croxton, host of The Quote of the Day show
  • Chase Chewning of Operation Podcast
  • Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness
  • Mark Fisher of Mark Fisher Fitness
  • Rachel Cosgrove
  • Jason Phillips of NCI
  • Sierra Neilson
  • Lindsey Matthews of Birth Fit
  • Erin Lutz, of STRONG Magazine
  • And more!

You can expect the same caliber of professionals to be present in 2022!

Take fast, decisive action.

I’m laying out the red carpet for you to join today.

I’ve added every single bell and whistle I possibly can. 

I’ve essentially gone ALL IN on inspiring you to join my program by giving you my absolute best offer.

Should you decide not to take me up on this invite, no issues but please know that this is probably the most affordable the Mastermind will ever be.


After that, the investment to join the program will increase to $19,000 for 11 months.

Due to the fact that my goal is to keep this group small there’s a good chance spaces will not even be available if you’re thinking about joining “later” or “when the time is right.”  

So, the time to decide is now.

A mark of a true A-Player is being decisive.  

Once they’ve reviewed the necessary facts, they make their decision and then go ALL IN on that decision.  

This info page contains every bit of information you need to know to see if joining the S+S Mastermind is a good fit for you or not. 

The time to act is now.  

If you want to chat about options to work with Jill, please email