The Movement Maestro and JillFit present ...

The LEGACY Mentormind

A 6-Month High-Touch Business Strategy + Community-Building Mentorship for Badass Female Coaches, Practitioners and Health Professionals Who Want to DO THEIR BIGGEST LAUNCH EVER in 2024.

Apply below to be considered for this once in a lifetime EPIC experience launching soon. Spots are EXTREMELY limited since we're going to be working directly with you week after week. Please be ready to bring A+ effort and attitude.

Applications open to the waitlist on Monday October 30th.
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Meet The Movement Maestro

Physical therapist turned entrepreneur, Dr. Shanté Cofield, aka The Movement Maestro, is the founder of The Movement Maestro LLC, a social-media based company that provides both online and in-person education for movement professionals around the world.

Shanté’s passion for digital business has helped her amass a social media following of over 58,000 people, become an international speaker, and launch her own podcast, Maestro on the Mic, which has been downloaded over half a million times to date.

With her continued success in the digital space, Shanté’s professional pursuits now center around providing business coaching to movement professionals, with a focus on brand strategy and community development in the ever-growing digital marketplace.

Shanté is a proud SoCal resident, drives a hypergreen Jeep Wrangler, and wishes to leave you with this message:

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

Meet JillFit

Jill Coleman, MS, is the founder of JillFit and host of The Best Life and Fit Biz U poddasts. Over the last 20 years in the fitness industry, Jill’s been featured in numerous publications from Women’s Health and Strong Fitness to Shape, SELF and Muscle and Fitness HERS, including 7 magazine covers.

Over the last 10 years in online business, JillFit has grossed over 5M and has helped over 1000 fitness professionals start and grow their online coaching businesses, via flagship courses Best of You and Fitness Business Accelerator.

JillFit reached 6-figure business status as an online health and fitness brand before ever venturing into business coaching, which makes Jill uniquely qualified to help online health professionals navigate the landscape and monetize their 1:1 coaching, group programs and self-paced courses. Jill’s expertise and deep clinical experience provide coaches with real time in-the-trenches strategy working right now.

We Don't Subscribe to Tactics + Gimmicks

Too many internet business owners are focusing on gimmicks and small dial-movers. The goal of LEGACY is to start prioritizing the long game. Monetize now, but build strategically to make A LOT more later, surrounded by a group of people who can support you, hold you accountable and challenge you to live your best life.

We Want You to Fucking Crush

We want your business to bring you joy, meaning AND, well, lots of money. Both of us prioritize our lifestyle and freedom, and we don't believe that in order to be successful, you have to be chained to a desk all day or do shit you hate.

The best thing about owning your own business is getting to make your own rules, and it's our job to customize strategy FOR YOU, so that you can make money while also spending your time how you wish. The two are not mutually exclusive. Yes, it will be hard and yes, you will work your ass off, but you will do it while loving your creation and helping more people than you can imagine.